360°Mini high speed laser car
360°Mini high speed laser car
360°Mini high speed laser car
360°Mini high speed laser car
360°Mini high speed laser car

360°Mini high speed laser car

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  • 【FAST & FUN】 With a max speed of 25km/h and countless ways to play, this novelty toy for toddlers and adults is a powerful stunt car toy that’s made for major action to let you do all kinds of wild tricks making this one of the most fun and enjoyable toys for toddlers and adults that want something that can satisfy their hunger for speed and excitement!

  • 【LOVELY STYLING】 This mini stunt car look like a cute mouse, which can trigger children's curiosity and imagination. Surrounded by a smooth plastic ball, the Rotating Stunt Car will not hurt your hands.

  • 【BRIGHT & COLORFUL】 People love playing with flashy toys which is why we made our fidget car toy with real taillights along with a bright and colorful design to make sure anyone will absolutely love it. It’s the perfect toy for anyone above the age of 3 and makes a great gift for toddlers for almost any occasion including Christmas, birthdays, new year’s, Easter and any other occasion you can think off!

Four Basic Playing Methods:

1. High-speed 360º spinning: Put the car into the ball and the car will rotate around it. With the rotation, the light change its color, like a rainbow ball.

2. Colorful spin in fingertip: Hold the back wheels tightly and turn on the switch. The car will roll in your fingertips like a colorful Ferris wheel.

3. Single car spin: Firstly, turn the car upside down and turn on the switch, use hand to rotate it. The car will rotate rapidly like a shining spinner.

4. Fixed-point spin: Connect the pen and car by rope and use the pen as a fixed point. The car will rotate with the pen. Just like racing in an annular runway.

What’s Included:

Racing Car – Experience the thrill of speed like never before! 
Hanging Rope – Take it with you wherever you go or use it to spin the toy car in one place 
hyaloplasmic sphere
USB Cable – Lets you quickly charge the racing car anytime you want!