Helmet Inner Cooling Cap
Helmet Inner Cooling Cap
Helmet Inner Cooling Cap
Helmet Inner Cooling Cap
Helmet Inner Cooling Cap
Helmet Inner Cooling Cap
Helmet Inner Cooling Cap
Helmet Inner Cooling Cap

Helmet Inner Cooling Cap

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An inner cap that makes helmet experience cool , breathable , and comfortable.
Even though it is for SAFETY, all bikers feel the DISCOMFORT of wearing a HELMET that is why we have the SOLUTION to KEEP you COMFORTABLE and SAFE at the same time, introducing the HELMET INNER COOLING CAP .
Helmet Inner Cooling Cap is an INNER CAP that is worn under the HELMET. It is made of super POLYESTER MICROFIBER fabric that makes it more SOFT and BREATHABLE. It HELPS ABSORB and RETAIN the BODY HEAT and REDUCE the SWEAT BUILD UP. It is MOIST WICKING and QUICK-DRY. It PREVENTS the MOISTURE, DIRT and ODOR BUILD UP in your HELMETS.
Helmet Inner Cooling Cap is a PERFECT HELMET LINER if you're into Mountain Biking, Road Racing, Motorcycling, Skiing, Snowboarding, Hitting the Slopes, and Working outside with a helmet.
Helmet Inner Cooling Cap can HOLD your HAIR in place, so you don't have to worry about having a MESSY HAIR. It is LIGHTWEIGHT, STRETCHY and is a PERFECT FIT as it is a ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL and perfect for both MEN and WOMEN .


  • PREMIUM PERFORMANCE:   Made of super polyester microfiber fabric , more  softbreathable  and quick-drying . This unique hat helps absorb and retain body heat while wicking away moisture and reducing sweat build-up. Your helmet liner will be cleaner than ever before!  
  • READY FOR DUTY:  Works amazingly as a helmet liner if you're mountain biking, road racing, motorcycling, skiing, snowboarding, hitting the slopes and working outside and will keep sweat at bay if you're shooting hoops.
  • COMFORTABLE:  Holds your hair in place, a cure for messy hair, and keeps hair looking good after several hours in a helmet. In addition, the material stops sweat from dripping into your eyes on hot days.
  • FITS YOUR HEAD PERFECT:  The  lightweightstretchy material  makes this beanie snug but not too tight!
  • Used  high-quality materials  that are also used in sportswear to dry quickly. 
  • Eliminate stuffiness-sticky  by sweat of the head, to prevent the smell and dirt in the helmet. 
  • Reduce the collapse of the hairstyle by tightening and sweat of helmet.

  • Gender : Unisex
  • Material : Polyester microfiber
  • Size : One size fit alls (for head circumference 54-68cm)
  • Function:  Breathable, quick-drying, moisture wicking