The world's first modular touch wall light-POWER SUPPLY

The world's first modular touch wall light-POWER SUPPLY

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  • Non-destructive installation, with the installation and disassembly, you only need to install the power supply near the outlet.
  •  Can be combined, in combination with a different number of modules you want into a pattern, either as illumination night light use, but can be used as decorative wall art, add beautiful style for your home.
  •  If there is a problem with a lamp, just replace the lamp with the problem, you don't need to replace all the lights, and you will be relieved of your worries.

The lamp's touch-modular LED lighting system splicing together a piece of hexagonal rice by magnetic attraction. 
It can be used as a wall lamp, and it is equipped with a mode in which the touch is turned on and off, and the Hu can be turned on with a single touch.

  • Hexagon design Combine any graphics you want.

Light temperature: 3200k (warm white)
Illumination per module: 80 Lumens
Power: 120/220v 50/60hz
Maximum tiles per power adaptor: 65
Wall attachment: Sticky pads or nails